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Listen carefully. You don’t want to miss out on this. You’re about to watch a video on one of the most powerful ways to make a girl laugh. It doesn’t involve telling jokes. It doesn’t even involve being funny. This simple and easy technique is tried, tested and proven to make almost any girl laugh. You’re going to see demonstrated on a real live girl. Are you observant enough to notice the three key elements to this technique?

Watch her reaction! Because after watching this video you’ll have the power to get the same reaction in potentially any girl you want to make laugh. The technique is known as breaking rapport and it’s just one of a number of techniques that can make a girl laugh, cry, hold you, play with you and become incredibly attracted to you. Watch the video.

In this video, I’m going to be showing you a breaking rapport technique that you can use in a nightclub or in a bar and it can get some pretty good laughs. What’s great about this is you can even do it with a wingman. You can just go back to back with your friend, you can both do it to girls and all you have to do is sort of move out of the way.

Adam: The way it works is very simple. You get the girl to raise her hands up (girl holds her hands held out palms facing each other). I’m going to keep my hands here (places hands in same position, one hand between the girl’s two palms, the other outside her left hand) and then you have to put your hands up and over between my two hands three times.

Girl: (doing as he says) Like this?

Adam: Yeah; that’s pretty good. Don’t touch my hands once, okay?

Girl: I won’t touch you!

Adam: Don’t touch me. So now what I’m going to do is I’m going to get you to close your eyes and I’m going to get you to do it 10 times with your eyes closed; just see if you can do it.

Girl: Are you ready?

Adam: Close your eyes

Girl: Okay (She starts doing the movement. Adam pulls his hand out from between hers, folds his arms and stands observing her. The girl unknowingly continues the movement thinking his hands are still I place. She opens her hands, sees what’s happening and laughs).

Adam: Do the robot!

What you do is you get a girl to do that in the middle of a dance floor in a nightclub and she’s standing in the middle of the dance floor doing a robot and she’s just as cool as this chick here.

Did you notice all three of the key elements to this technique? Let me show you. First, notice how our expert said that this is a simple hand/eye coordination test. This is known as preloading. He’s convincing her that the test is real, which masks the game he’s about to play on her.

Adam: This is a simple hand eye coordination test.

Second, our expert allows her to play the false version of the game with her eyes open and he lulls her into a false sense of security by telling her that she’s pretty good at the game.

Adam: That’s pretty good; you’re good!

Finally, after the game, notice how she hits the dating coach and leans forward into his lap. After feeling silly and falling for the trick, she needs physical comfort to reassure herself that everything is okay. She bridges the physical gap between the two of them and allows the interaction to develop onto the next level.

As you can already see, this technique is capable of getting even the most difficult girl to laugh and break the physical distance between you.

But the guy performing the technique in this video is ranked as one of the top dating coaches in the world. Is it possible that a regular guy can get the same results or even better using similar techniques? This next video you’re going to see is a cutaway from just a regular guy that is too long to fit on YouTube. This video shows a full interaction from beginning to ends and explains how you can easily get a girl to playful punch you in the kitchen, but give you a big hug in the living room moments later.

You don’t have to wait to find out whether someone likes you or not. You can make it happen now – as long as you understand how. Get a hold of your copy of that video by simply putting your email into the form provided so it can be sent to you.