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When you flirt with a girl you need interaction. Anything that will get her to interact with you is usually better than nothing. Here’s a fun video I made to practice some film techniques as well as illustrating the importance of at least doing something to trigger attraction.

The Tickle Monster

Girl: Seriously, the more I study for this, the more by brain hurts.
Guy: If you just carry the three over here, you’ll get the answer.
Girl: Okay.
Guy: (To himself) She’s playing with her hair. That’s a good sign, right? Okay, now’s the time to do something to get her to notice me as something more than a study partner. Girls like it when a guy is confident and staring deep into her eyes. I’ll try my sexy face. (Makes what he thinks is his sexy face)
Girl: Are you okay?
Guy: Uh…yeah. Yeah, I’m fine, I’m fine. (To himself) Oops! That didn’t work. Damn it! I mean, seriously! Scratch sexy face. Sexy face is the awkward never-do-again face. She’s hot, though. I can’t miss out on this. Maybe I need to impress her. (To girl) Did you know that the average speed of a swallow is 8.94 miles per hour?
Girl: Are you like, a bird person?
Guy: Yeah…Well I’m you know… I just thought maybe you would uh… (To himself) Man, this is tough! Geeky facts – not cool. Okay, what the heck am I supposed to do?


Guy: Okay, now’s the time to get her to notice me as something more than a study partner. I’m gonna break rapport. (To girl) You know, studying is so boring. I feel like when I’m really bored I kind of transform into… a tickle monster! (Tickles girl) You have a really cute smile.
Girl: Thanks.

As you can already see, this technique is capable of getting even the most difficult girl to laugh and break the physical distance between you. This next video you’re going to see is a cutaway from a longer interaction with just a regular guy that is too long to fit on YouTube. This video shows a full interaction from beginning to end and explains how you can easily get a girl to act like this towards you.

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