There Are Times When It's Best To Make Her a Little Uncomfortable In Order To Arouse Her Interest…

The World’s #1 Dating Coach Reveals Exactly When Those Times Are and Exactly How To Do It!

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The basic method is called “Breaking Rapport”. It’s easy to practice and get better at, and when done properly, it always works!

You need to build comfort when you’re first getting to know a girl. Then, believe it or not, if you really want her to notice you as someone different and special, you need to have a good way to break that rapport. There are fun ways to make a girl laugh and how to flirt with girls playfully.

This is how you can break her out of her assumption that you’re just another guy… and make her really take notice of you!

Listen: Attractive women are generally used to having men come up and talk to them all the time. There’s even a predictable cycle of talking to one guy and then moving on to the next that often becomes just routine for them… part of their typical expectations…

I’ll tell you a lot more about how this works in the live video… And I’ll show you why breaking rapport is so powerful and effective. I’ll include lots of stuff about how to get girls, how to flirt with girls, how to make a girl laugh and more…

It’s also a bit of an underground technique because most guys have no idea how simple and important this one little step can be… In fact, most guys would think you’re a little nuts if you even TOLD them about it!

This technique is a little edgy, I admit it, but it’s one of the most powerful tools in my entire arsenal and if you’re serious about getting more girls in your life, you owe it to yourself to learn it.

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- Adam

P.S. This is only for guys who are willing to go out there and practice. Reading about it alone won’t get you very far… If you’re truly ready for more action, typically a lot more action, then go for it!

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